Nipples sore!!! Help!

  1. Nipples sore!!! Help!

    Hey guys, I am scared of the nipple soreness i've recently got. I was doing a cycle which consisted mostly of anavar, win, tren, GH, IGF, and test suspension. I ran suspension weeks 1-8 at 70-100mg a day. With it i had .5 mg arimidex and 20mg nolva ED. weeks 9-12 i was only running winstrol 50ed and tren 37.5ed with some IGF longr3, basically all estrogen free. The past week of the cycle i started feeling soreness in my nipples when i touch them. It's been almost 2 weeks as i've completed my cycle, i am taking 100mg clomid every day, 20mg nolva ed, and 1mg arimidex ed. I only had 2000iu of HCG, since i'm afraid that it's gyno. I dont have medical insurance so I want to try to cure it myself first before I run to a doc. I have plenty of nolva, clomids and arimidex at home. Any suggestions?

  2. bump the nolva up to 80mg ed til it goes away, then ramp it down each week by 20mg.

  3. What Beelzebub said with the Nolva and also I would drop the arimidex unless your BF level is high, you want to avoid rebound after PCT. Also it might be the clomid, I get all kinds of weird feelings and weird stuff going on with clomid.

  4. Increase the nolvadex. If you are still using the gh, stop using it.

  5. don't mean to hyjack but is it still worth taking since someone has been of gear for about 4weeks?

    will the soreness ever go away?



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