How much could a 20 year old like me benefit?

  1. How much could a 20 year old like me benefit?

    Well i hear alot of people say how I dont need it because of all the testosterone I already have. But alchohal, marijuanna, cocaine, mdma, and methamphetamine all lowers your testosterone heavily.

    First off im scared ****less of PH's and doubt ill try them. I started drinking every weekend when i was fourteen. When i turned sixteen it had progressed into nearly five times a week and not social drinking, drinking to get drunk. I was also smoking marijuanna heavily up until i was put on probation. Sixteen to eighteen and a half was heavily fueled with alchohal, cocaine, mdma, and occasionally methamphetamine. I turned into the popular kid who everyone loved to party with into a complete addict who ****ed over alot of my friends. I never messed with needles. Im clean now and have been for a year and a half.

    Im not lying to try and sound cool im one hundred percent serious. Four years of my life was spent under the influence. I had an addiction to feed and getting a job wasnt going to happen so i started dealing in order to feed my habbit. So i would get my stash, the client would usually share, and then some. From my own assumption i would assume my testosterone levels have been permantly lowered due to daily alchohal and marijuanna intake. Not to mentiom the heavy drug binges on the weekend that would sometimes carry into the week.

    So its safe to assume im not your typical teenager. I probably dont have tons of testosterone being produced naturally. My sex drive isnt ****ed but its not what it used to be. So lets think past how ****ty my liver is. I probably have permantly lowered test and could actually benefit from a natty test booster or PH even at this young age right?

  2. Why dont you do the responsible thing and get a full blood test done? That way you can have more than speculation guiding your will.
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  3. So you may likely be an alcohol and drug addict and you are here in a bodybuilding forum asking for help about testosterone?

    May I suggest going to a medical doctor and get some real help? You have more problems than just testosterone son.
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  4. Yeah 50$ is money best spent on a blood test for you, we can't assume anything
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  5. Go talk to an endo

  6. You ALL need to read the rules regarding underage discussion.

    Thank you!


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