Pure muscle gain

  1. Pure muscle gain

    I am a college wrestler, I wrestle at 145lb and am looking to gain a large amount of muscle to be able to wrestle at my natural weight. Im in the gym all the time and i still dont get a huge changes. What would the best way to get where I want to be?

  2. More food bro, I'm talkin 5-6k calories/day. Don't u guys get tested though?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by mstep View Post
    More food bro, I'm talkin 5-6k calories/day. Don't u guys get tested though?
    wtf....at 145 5-6k cals is way to much. why would you even suggest this?

  4. yea that is high i would say 3500 to 4000 would be fine...im 170 and try to get 5000 calories

  5. Weak sauce lol well he did say he wants to gain a large amount of muscle. When I bulk I can easily get that much. What would u guys recommend? Also what's ur height

  6. i am 173 ish and 5"9/half

  7. Quote Originally Posted by 8ATHLETE
    i am 173 ish and 5"9/half
    lol your account says 5'6 you fuking liar

  8. yea i know i just clicked **** and i wish i was 5"6 and 170 pounds

  9. 5'6" 187lbs.....5k cals will more than likely lead to fat storage vs "a lot of muscle" i try and stay around 3k, i have a low tdee and at 3k thats a 700 cal surplus.

  10. My bad read that wrong lol thought u were 145. Epi? Halo? Somethin mild I guess but watch out. They notice that u gained muscle kinda quick like that, they will be skeptical and drug test

  11. I'm about 5'8 and we do get tested periodically but the school tests us and sends it into the NCAA so a lot of guys get by with doing it

  12. oh i see


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