Puffy nipples help BROS!

  1. Question Puffy nipples help BROS!

    On cycle with 700 mgs nandrolone and 700 mgs test and went 8 week epi-> SD bridge but some how the gyno i got from dbol went away with the epi and now i only get periodic puffiness, I thinking prolactin from SD plus the nandrolones do u think some prolacterone will do the trick libido is pretty in the trash as well???

  2. try pct, lol
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  3. No way I will recover, I got prolacterone should help

  4. I'm new to this so I'm not quite positive but I read somewhere that caber will work for prolactin gyno

  5. Get some caber or prami. Mostly get bloods done and check progest and estro levels that will really help in nailing down what it is.
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  6. Sounds like you shouldn't run deca. I would drop any orals ure on too and keep the test for now, how much ai you running? Also you you have prami or caber I would use it.

  7. Liquidex .4 ml Ed and waiting for my caber YEAHH!!!!!


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