fainal senario of my comming cycle

  1. fainal senario of my comming cycle

    i will begin my cycle on Xmass....

    i just want to make sure every thing is ok before i make my order.


    1-12 500mg test / week
    1-12 400mg eq / week
    1-4 40mg dbo l/ ed
    8-12 200mg 1-T/ ed (dermal)
    8-12 100mg MDHT ed

    is it to much? should i use HCG?

  2. i'd extend the test a week past the eq so the esters clear at the same time (assuming its cyp or enan)
    and then run the 1-t and mdht weeks 9-13
    if you have hcg use it

  3. bump on HCG

    im going to use nolva/clomid only

  4. You wouldnt necessarily need the HCG for this cycle, if you were running tren or deca I would definetly have it in there. The HCG wouldnt hurt though, if you have the money for it and access to it I would throw it in.

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