Hello gents, I am bored and I am planning out my next cycle for ****s and giggles.

So currently running 600mg test e and winny cycle and currently doing awesome.

So I am planning out my next one for fun.

So what I am planning for the next one goes as follows.

1-8 Phynel/prop test (100/100) blend 100mg eod (50 each)
1-8 Npp 100mg eod
8-10 Test prop 100mg eod
1-8 Prami .5mg twice a week
1-10 armidex .25mg eod

The reason I am running the phynel/prop blend is to see what all the hubub is about. Might throw in t-bol for ****s and giggles but doubt it.

Then some good old fashion pct.