Ironflex Brawn or Tren-Stane

  1. Ironflex Brawn or Tren-Stane

    Hey guys,

    I'm thinking about running Epistane in the next couple months. Ironflex has the Brawn (epistane) and the trenstane which has the Epistane plus another compound.

    Has anyone tried either of these two or know anyone who as and got results? Was wondering which would be a better choice for gaining around 10 to 15 lbs?

  2. curious on answers. I picked up a bottle of brawn and just started day 4 @ 30

  3. just do the epistane. the problem with the products that have 2 different compounds in them is that they arent dosed correctly per cap. usually one of the compounds is dosed too low and you will have to take way more to get the dose correct but then the other compound will be dosed too high. unless you buy them seperate then you can dose the compounds correctly together. epistane needs to be dosed at 30-40 mgs to be effective and tren needs to be dosed up to 60 - 90 mgs to be effective. most run epi at 30mgs and the tren at 90 mgs.

  4. Alright then ill be running the brawn for 6 weeks then.

    Probly at 30/30/45/45/45/45 or should I do 4 or 5 weeks?

  5. looks good...6 weeks will be perfect

  6. Alright thanks bud. Starting next week!


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