pct question

  1. pct question

    How long can you pct before it becomes a bad thing? Seeing as a lot of pcts seem to basically be Natty stacks plus a serm. Would running daa and an ai for a total of two months coming off a cycle be a bad idea? Just thinking under the logic that altering hormones for too long is never a good thing. Just wondering people's opinions

  2. Why 2 months? What's your thought process here?

  3. I kinda forgot to ad that part but now that i think about it i think i see what may be coming. Basically because a lot of people claim they get better results from running daa plus an ai eight weeks. So why not apply that to pct as well?

  4. I'm confused on what your asking. Are you asking if 8 weeks of an ai and daa can be used for pct instead of a SERM?

  5. im asking if you run a pct for a cycle, could you run a serm for 4 weeks with DAA and an ai and then after your through with the serm could you run DAA and an ai for another month?



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