Best way to prevent a gyno flare up on PH cycle

  1. Best way to prevent a gyno flare up on PH cycle

    alright so i will be runnig epi and helladrol together, i know these are not known to cause gyno, but i already have some, so im not taking any chances.

    Should i wait and see if i get any signs of gyno and then throw in tamox 10mg EOD or ED, or should i throw in erase pro EOD. (or do both?)

    Or should i just start taking 10mg tamox EOD as soon as i start the cycle?

    I only have 1 bottle of tamox and i need enoguh to be able to run 40/20/20/10 for PCT

    My cycle will look like
    Epistane 30/30/45/45/45
    Helladrol 75/75/100/100/125

  2. I really want some input on this

  3. well it seems like you're willing to spend some dough on another supplement, so i would just buy some more tamox or some letro. just keep it on hand. you seem hell bent on this cycle, but i would just run one or the other, and if you purchase another serm and dont get a gyno flare-up, you will already have it on hand for another cycle in a few months.

  4. and also, their forma stanzol looks like a solid product if you wanna give that a go. you could do 4 pumps morning and evening. i got gyno delayed gyno from superdrol, thats why i chose to run epi-strong. im also running the forma stanzol at 4 pumps morning and evening for added insurance. i also have chlomid, nolva, and letro on hand. i will tell you this, my libido is through the roof and at 4 weeks in i feel great.

  5. I have clomid as well for pct

  6. formestane + epi = begging for rebound gyno, which is what you should be worried about anytime you play with epi

  7. Thats why im going balls to the wall for pct.

    Tamox 40/20/20/10/10
    Clomid 100/100/50/50
    DAA 3/3/3/3
    Erase Pro 1/1/eod/eod

  8. then dont worry about forma stanzol on cycle unless youre super gyno prone and it starts flaring. neither of the compounds youre taking aromatize and one of them acts as an ai. estrogen shouldnt be an issue till after

  9. You guys kinda negleted my original question. im ware of everything you said.

    I wanted to know if its best to wait until i see signs of gyno on the cycle, and then combat it with tamox at either EOD or ED (10mg)

    Or if i should just take tamox ED or EOD as soon as i begin my cycle (10mg)

    And would 10mg eod be enoguh?

  10. mr. onionknight, i believe you are correct about the delayed gyno. ive been contemplating on coming off of the formestane. i was just so worried about my gyno flaring up. i still have 3 weeks left, so hopefully if i come off now ill be ok. and op, if you already have gyno, like i do, i would just run one compound. so far on the epistane i havent had any issues or signs. i would keep it simple on cycle and have a really good and long pct setup. i would personally do the epistane and have something on hand in case theres an issue.


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