First Real PH Cyle, advice and comments.

  1. Hey guys, been thinking about running my first cycle and thought id get some opinions.

    Well, i guess you wouldnt call it a real ph. Real mild.

    My goal is to bulk as much as possible so that will include 3000-4000 cal. a day.

    My searching has brought me to two supplements i plan on cycling.

    LG PH-19

    For pct I will take.


    I have read these are very mild and dont need a SERM but i could access nolva or clomid if needed. What do you think?

    Fish oil
    Milk thistle


    Modern BCAA
    Mass gainer

    Anything i should add or consider removing?

    Should i expect some good gains?

    Thanks guys!

    Also the ph 19 comes with 7 Keto which is the same as erase. Some people say to run in with the cycle? Should I or should I save it for another pct.

  2. I have taking a bottle of tren xtreme before a few years ago being young and dumb. Walked into the store and asked for a good mass builder supplement and he handed me a bottle of tren and said this will give you a few lbs. Took it gained 20lbs and that was it. Didnt know anything about pct. It wasnt until years later i found out what i was my fault on not researching a supplement before taking it. That said i want to start slow and work my way up. I dont have any plans on taking anything that strong again but i might wanna take hdrol or pmag down the road. But like a said i wanna start slow this time and do it right.

  3. Your probably better off with epistane or hdrol. And yes use a SERM.

    What is your age, stats, lifting exp, and specific goals?

  4. I want to start at a more mild ph then epi or hdrol. They really shut down some peoples systems. Depending on the person. I'm trying to start small and work my way up. Gain more experience and knowledge working my way up. Working out for 5 years now. 195lbs

  5. And I'm 22. Still young that's why I wanna start with a real mild one.



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