day 9 on msten. haven't seen one ounce of strength gain.

on day 9 of BFN mass trauma 20 mgs and so far im not impressed at all. i'm not exaggerating when i say i haven't made any strength gains in any lift. i actually felt weaker the last couple workouts. i am up 3 pounds, def water weight because i am slightly bloated. No strength gains, vascularity, or lean mass. only thing ive noticed is a slight increase in fullness/density in my arms and i have to say that i have had an amazing pump in the gym but nothing more. someone mentioned that it might be bunk but i don't think it is just because the pump is so good and i haven't changed anything else preworkout. im taking 5 caps daily, 4 mgs per pill. i think it may be underosed, somewhere around 2 mgs per pill or its something different in there. for an anabolic rating of 660 and i higher myotropic capability than AAS like winstrol and anadrol. i really don't believe that i'm taking 20 mgs of methylstenbolone. i ordered some IML msten rx just to be safe and will be here friday, which will be approx. 2 weeks into mass trauma. i'm going to switch over to msten rx mid cycle.

1. would it be ok to run the whole bottle of msten rx 2 caps a day for 30 days and switch over to that even if i've been on the mass trauma for 2 weeks? if what i got in mass trauma is actually msten then it would be a 6 week cycle but if not and the product was bunk it would just be like running a 30 day cycle of msten rx i guess?

2. has anyone specifically ran BFN mass trauma and experienced the same thing?

thanks guys