First Cycle looking at EPI 2A3A

  1. Question First Cycle looking at EPI 2A3A

    Ok so here's my stats 39yrs old 5' 11" 250lbs 24% bf according to scales. I've been lifting off and on for over 20 yrs but with kids it was hard to dedicate the time needed for training. Kids are grown and I've been hitting it hard for about a yr now. Decent gains but want to cut bf while keeping my muscle gains I've made. So I've been reading a lot of post and doing some research , but I have no experience with PH's at all. Need advice on a cycle for a newbie like myself. I got excited after reading peoples gains and decided to try EPI 2A3A by Vital Labs and talked to the reps from SS's about what all I would need for this cycle as far as on cycle support and PCT. They recommended ProteX cycle support vital labs and joint and tissue with UC-ll by Myogenix, and Post Cycle 3 X vital labs for PCT. Now after reading everyones post is this any good? Or do I need more supps to go with this? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I really dont want to screw this up. I'm also not sure about what doseage I should go with on this for optimal results. Thanks for any advice given.

  2. so did u end up running it or not? im curious to know how it worked out for you cause im lookin to do the same

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