Epistane Cycle (Epi-Strong)

  1. Epistane Cycle (Epi-Strong)

    I Am planning on doing an epi cyle. planning to run it like

    week 1: 15/15/15/30/30/30/30
    Week 2: 30mg
    week 3: 30mg
    Week 4: 45mg
    Week 5: 45/45/45/60/60/60/60

    PCT is Nolva, Clomid and DAA (debating on adding erase)

    This is my 2nd cycle ever. first was with a very irresponsible quad stacked ph without pct (endend up getting tamox a month after cycle, but wasen't in time to keep gains or prevent gyno) this was about 6 months ago

  2. Are you going to run Nolva and clomid for pct?

  3. if your set on running it for 5 weeks or just want to get to 60mg's....but 15mg's at the beginning really won't really do much, might as well just start off at 30mg right from the get go
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  4. Yea. im throwing in helladrol in addition to epistane

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