ams chrome help

  1. ams chrome help

    I purchased ams chrome rde stack. Comes with 1 andro rde 4ad-rde and amox, I'm new to all this stuff as i've never taken any of it. I'm just wondering what else i should run with this and should I take both them of the start 1 andro and 4ad at the same time to get max results or should I start one then a week later bring in the other. If any one would be able to help it i'd really appreciate it. I'm just stuck at a plateau I wanna be able to push pass but I just wanna be safe well I do it. I just couldn't find much about this product I plan of doing a log for it so I can help anyone else that has these questions in the future.

  2. could someone please help a guy out

  3. the stack is all you need, dosing is up to you. if you want 4 weeks then dose at the same and use aromx for pct
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  4. I plan on taking it for the 4 weeks and it says take 1 twice a day would it be okay to have one in the morning upon waking up then one of each before i work out would that be okay ? or should i dose the 1-andro and 4ad like certain amount of time from each other ?

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