pct for dmz with hdrol cycle

  1. pct for dmz with hdrol cycle

    Hey guys,
    Just looking for some advice on a pct for a cycle of 30 mg of DMZ and 75 mg of hdrol per day for six weeks. I read and have been suggested to use clomid and nolva with some kind of a natural test boost. My prior pcts have been pct that have just been deemed as a pct, for example I used finaflex revolution black, but I noticed it took awhile to normalize etc. Just wondering if anyone had some advice for the pct of this DMZ/hdrol cycle as well as when to take it, there's a lot of controversy with what I've been researching/gym talk.

    many thanks

  2. whats your anabolic history
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  3. I can't remember what order they were in but Ive had these following cycles:
    alpha lean
    13dmz, which was dmz and gona-tren.
    finaflexx 550 xd with xtreme dmz by anabolic technologies
    alphabulk with alphamass by forerunner labs
    and my current cycle of 75mg of hdrol and 30 mg of dmz.

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