How long did it take for msten to kick in for you guys?

  1. How long did it take for msten to kick in for you guys?

    i'm on day 5 of mass trauma 20 mgs. i know its still early yet but i haven't noticed any size or strength yet. today's workout actually sucked. did chest and bi's and i couldn't get 130 lb dumbells up off my chest when i can normally get 5-7 actually felt real weak today. I do look fuller and pumps are awesome but thats about it. No weight gain, size gains, or strength gains. I have some bloat over my abs. no real side effects yet except some acid reflux, not sure if its from the msten tho. i'm drinking plenty of water, eating clean but alot, supports: cycle assist, aegis, liv 52, coQ10, super cissus(joints). when should i expect the anabolic results that msten is supposed to deliver? thanks guys

  2. day 5 at 20mg, you product is bunk, or contains some other weak compound

    even methylstenbolone dosed at 12mg, you should notice a change in the first week.

    20mg, within a few days.

  3. i really don't think its bunk because i have def noticed fuller denser muscles which is probably glycogen and i have retained some water, and my pumps are amazing. i just haven't seen any mass or strength gains yet. literally haven't gotten any stronger in anything.

  4. then it probably contains some other weaker compound. def doesn't contain superdrol.

  5. Effects come quick, within a few days.

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  6. Could be bunk. Or could be u don't respond well to msten. I didn't respond well to it at all and I got mine from a legit source. Couple more days could tell the tale tho.
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