Arrogant people claiming you must be ~200lbs before using steroid

  1. Arrogant people claiming you must be ~200lbs before using steroid

    WTF is up with this?

    Do steroids have cognitive powers where they don't work unless you're 200lbs?

    I understand they shouldn't be taken by people who've been training for 3 weeks, by why are people so keen on a weight requirement?

    For someone like myself, there's NO WAY I could get anywhere near 200 with adding a TON of unnecessary body fat.

    Rather than setting some weight requirement, why not focus more on the length of time someone has been training?

    We all know steroids add muscle, but there's other reasons to take them as well. Faster recovery, greater endurance, etc. Anyone can benefit from these effects regardless of how much they weigh.

    Now I'm not saying people should use steroids at 120lbs, but really what is so wrong with using them in the 160's and 170's?

    This is a pic of me (my avatar) at 175lbs. Bench 315, deadlift 400+, been training for years, you're saying I have no business running a cycle?

  2. nothing, if theyre 5'8 like you with low bf. but what about the dude thats 6'1-6'2 wanting to play to play with gear at 170lbs? see where im goin with this?

    170 at your height and bf is very impressive. not so much for the really tall folks

  3. I ran my first cycle when I was around 5'9" 180. If i had to do it all over again, I'd do it the same. I weighed 137 pounds when I was 18.

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