Hello everyone,
Forgive me if this was posted in the wrong section I haven't posted here in a while. I need your help interpreting my blood tests. You guys know your stuff and that is why I want to reach out to you.I finished a Superdrol clone pulse about a year ago and at the end, I did about a one week pct with clomid and tamox. I have felt fully recovered until 6 months ago when I noticed my erection strength has been weaker and my libido has significantly decreased. I did a second "restart" with only clomid for about 2-3 weeks and that seemed to help (erections and libido were great). This was beginning of december. Now I just got my blood test results in yesterday after being off SERMs for more than a month and here are the results:

Total Testosterone: 769 348-1197
Estradiol: 26 7.6-42.6
FSH, Serum: 2.8 1.5-12.4
LH: 5 1.7-8.6
Cholesterol, Total: 135 100-189
Triglycerides: 96 0-114
HDL Cholesterol: 46 >39
VLDL Cholesterol: 19 5-40
LDL Cholesterol: 70 0-119

I can provide any other values if needed. I did a lipid and hormone panel.Is FSH the problem here? What would be your plan of action if I wanted to increase my libido and sexual health?I was thinking about low dosing clomid and doing it for maybe a month. I am also thinking about giving Torem a try. I am hesitant introducing more drugs into my body and almost just want to give my body time to go back to normal but I am worried it will not.

Any suggestions will be very appreciated!