When should Blood work be "normal"?

  1. When should Blood work be "normal"?

    Hello everyone! I have never had this dilemma before so any and all info would be appreciated!

    5'10, 235lbs, 17% bf, this is my 3rd cycle.

    I recently got a call to get blood work done for a yearly check up from my Dr. I am currently on my 6th week of Test E 300 2x wk till 12 wks, Tren E 200 2x wk till wk 10 and will start Winstol 50 ED as of Feb 1st. I am expected to finish my cycle on March 7th and my appointment is on March 21st.

    My question is when should I expect to get a normal blood work reading? I will delay for as long as I can. But for me it's not so easy to do since I am "obligated" to get it done according to my field of work (government). Please help on when I should get my blood work done estimated. My PCT will start as of March 22 with the following.

    Clomid 100/100/50/50
    HCG 500iu's for 10 days
    Natural Test booster for 90 days starting the day after my last Test injection.

    Thank you guys for your info and input you guys!

  2. Anyone? ? ?

  3. When you have finished pct.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Ben Gunn View Post
    When you have finished pct.
    Thanks! I appreciate the feedback.

  5. if you run a solid pct, this will take you around 2 months, you might be fine and back to "normal" w/e that is.



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