This is my 2nd cycle and i'm going to be running test-E with an oral kicker. First time using orals. I understand that Dianabol causes water retention and that is a big issue for me because I am prone to being quite moonfaced. I also work in a very conservative environment and am only 5'7" tall so mass packs on my frame very quickly. I don't want to draw too much attention to myself with any water gains.

If I take Dbol with aromasin, can I prevent the occurrence of water retention to the same extent as taking Tbol? I bought aromasin already as liquid stane before finding out that Tbol is quite easy for me to get. I don't know whether to buy Tbol or buy Dbol and use the aromasin.

Dbol is also much cheaper, but I really don't want dat dere bloat... I'd be willing to pay more for Tbol in order to prevent it.

What experiences have you had with Dbol combined with aromasin vs Tbol? Thanks