I'm a 44yo male running Super DMZ 2.0 (10mg ea. 2x/day) for the first time along with Anabolic Matrix, Ultra Male, and Advanced Cycle Support (plus Acnedren, fish oil, whey isolate, multi's, and the usual supporting cast). This is my 4th PH cycle; previous cycles have been Osta Rx and Cyanostane or Halo Extreme. I've always been natural until about 18 months ago, but I've seen great gains on with minimal sides until now and was pretty excited to start DMZ. I'm 5' 11", 196 with 14% BF.

I was expecting the moderate back pumps and lethargy that hit on about day three, but I wasn't expecting the cramps and shooting pains in my arms and shoulders I've experienced since day 5 - not dry joints but cramps, especially in my forearms and biceps, 24 hours a day. I got a head cold and had to take an extra rest day on day 5, but since I started back I've been shaky and crampy and painful as heck. Strength gains have been great, and I'm up about 5lbs of lean weight already, but it's tough to power through workouts when I feel like I've just run ten miles and my arms hurt like heck. Since all this started after a 2nd rest day I'm pretty sure it's not overtraining.

FWIF my diet is clean, and I'm drinking roughly a gallon of water a day. Wondering if it could be electrolyte imbalance? Maybe magnesium deficient? Appreciate any feedback and thoughts.