Over 35, third cycle, Andromass & H-drol

  1. Alphamass/Halodrol Cycle. I'm 37 been training well for 7 years and am planning my third pro hormone cycle. Previous cycles 8 weeks halodrol March/April 2012 and a 6 week Epidrol cycle in Nov/Oct 2012. I preferred the Halodrol (10lb lean gains v 5lb on Epi) but did suffer from some back pumps.

    For my third cycle I am planning the following and I have all products + PCT in the cupboard and looking to start mid Feb.

    Aim: 10lb+ of lean dry gains. The Alpha Mass is a non methyl and my question is do I run the H-drol solo again or is it worth supplementing with the Andromass throughout.

    Cycle would go:

    Wk 1-2 AI Life Support
    Wk 3-4 Alpha Mass (60mg), ams Augmentor, Haladrol (50mg) + AI Life Support
    Wk 5-8 Alpha Mass (60mg), ams Augmentor, Haladrol (100mg) + AI Life Support
    Wk 9-10 Nolva 20ed, FRL Reboot
    Wk 11-12 Nolva 10ed, FRl Reboot

    Multi-vit, Glucosomine, BCAA, Flax Seed Oil, Cialis (if needed) and lots of water throughout.

    Also in the cupboard but not intended for this cycle:

    Pure Labs Clomadex (PCT)
    CEL Alpha One (Pro Hormone)

    Thanks in advance.


  2. you gonna log some before/after stats? and is it andromass or alphamass? two very different products

  3. Yes planning on logging before and after stats, it's Alphamass not Andromass.

    Looking to start Monday 11th Feb, was considering cutting the halodrol to 6 weeks.

    Great to hear your thoughts can always delay if you think there would be a far better option to stack the Halodrol with. Had great results running it solo 12 months back but heard it would be better with test

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