M1D Andro and Form XT Cycle (First PH Cycle)

  1. M1D Andro and Form XT Cycle (First PH Cycle)

    Let start by saying that i,m sorry for my bad english since its not my first language. Ok, I'm 18, I've been training for the past 5 years and more seriously since the past 2 years. I'm an ectomorph and this is why ph are getting in my mind. When i started to train i was 5'8'' and weighting a whopping 105 pounds. I was almost 14. Now that I'm 18, my weight is balancing between 170 and 175 and i'm 5'10''. Before people start to say : Is your diet in check? I still live at my dads, so im not really the one that chose what i eat. I always have the choice for my breakfast and my lunch : lets say that for breakfast i'll eat eggs(4-5) with 1 cup of oat, greek yogurt and a fruit with a glass of milk. For lunch i can eat 2-3 large wraps or 1lbs of chicken with pasta and veggies. For dinner, i'm eating whats on the table, even if my dad cooks hamburgers. With all this, i can take a couple of protein shake thru the day, mostly after a workout or at bedtime.

    Now, why M1D Andro? Because its been a couple of weeks i'm on that and the more i read about M1D ( which is made of DHEA and a AI with support supplement). With what I read, DHEA doesn't have the major sides effect of other PH or roids : loss of libido, erections, sex drive etc.. In fact it is supposed to boost all those. I always read that DHEA is compared to Anavar, which is classed in the mid steroid. I wouldn't take Anavar tho.

    Now, why Form XT? Because in all the forum posts ive seen, they all stacked M1D with Formadrol ( which were the old version of M1D Andro and Form XT).

    Now I'll show u what i would do :

    M1D Andro : 3 caps daily for a month
    Multivitamin : recommanded dose
    Fish oils : 3 caps daily
    Milk thistle : recommended dose (even if they say that their ph are little to none liver toxic)
    Melatonin : 5mg at night

    PCT :
    Form XT : 1 cap upon waking and 1 at bed time
    multivitamins: ....
    fish oils : ....
    Milk thistle : ....
    Melatonin : ....

    Ok, if theres something not correct about my post, just give suggestions because its my first post. I know that theres going to be a bunch of person that are going to say that i'm young and stupid to start PH at 18. But seriously, I just want some advice because i'm planning my first cycle and even if im not doing it soon, its gonna be planned. I also wanna know if i should do an other PH or whatever? If their is something that would go wrong i can also have nolva, hcg etc... I know that it may be not the best idea to run that at 18 but i'm tired of staying at 170 because its been almost 8 months since i didnt gained weight...

    Thanks a lot guys!! If you really think its a bad idea, be honest and i'll keep that help and going to run that in the futur!

  2. Any advices

  3. well you are a bit young, but hows your diet? how many cals a day? whats your training routine and schedule? how heavy do you lift? what do you focus on when you are lifting? what other non ph supplements did you try?

  4. well, like i said i eat what i get on the table because i dont chose what i eat. I can chose what i take at breakfast and lunch but for the dinner i cant chose. I'm trying to stay between 3k and 3.5k cals a day, if i know that im going to eat junk food well i'm cooking myself some chicken with rice in the afternoon. For the training ive been doing, for the most part mass trainings, but now ive been trying wendlers 531 and westside barbell training to be able to lift heavier when i'll restart mass gaining program. When i'll be done with my month template with the westside i'll give doggcrapp a try. For my lift, here is my 1rms : bench 260, squat :315, deadlift 455, Standing Over head press : 150. For the supplement i've tried some creatine : monohydrate, creatine decanata, kre-alkalyn. Protein powder( gold standard, mutant whey), Bcaa powder, glutamine, Preworkouts : jack3d, hemorage, hemorage concentrate, assault, xpand. This fall, ive tried a test booster : Mutant TEST ( the older version) wich act as an AI, cortisol blocker and test booster. But i'm not sure to fully understand for the question :What do you focus on when you are lifting ?

  5. do u lift heavy low reps? high reps moderate weight? do u play sports? a lot of the thing with the gaining size is your diet if your diet is off ur not gonna get the results u want, how much cardio u do? i couldnt break 200lb for the longest time with intense lifting but my diet was off and i ran like 5 miles a day, the stack u trying to run will help but if your diet is off itll be hard to get the results u want, i would recomend up your diet, limit cardio and lift heavy, a big one is get like 250 grams of protein a day, do this for like a month before u run your cycle, see how much weight ull gain, and run limited supps, i usually take a month or two without any supps except for vitamins then go at it again



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