question about liquid nolva

  1. question about liquid nolva

    ok so i have liquid tamoxifen citrate . 30.4mg / ml . for my pct i plan on running 1ml / 1ml / .5ml / .5ml

    with the citrate in mind it would be equivalent to running 20 / 20 / 10 / 10 . can someone clear this up for me ? i read a bunch about citrate in tamoxifen being 70% tamoxifen 30% citrate . so would the dose i plan be proper ? plan on trying it straight up at first if i dont like it i will switch it and put in my post workout shake ?

  2. Every 1 milligram of straight tamoxifen is equal to 1.52 milligrams of tamoxifen citrate. So you need 1.52 of TC if you want it to match pure tamoxifen.

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