ive been on mass trauma(msten) for 2 days now. So far i feel amazing and ive had awesome pumps and very little soreness in the 2 workouts that ive had on it but ever since i started i get a wicked bloat/ protrude in my stomach. i can't tell if it is this or maybe cycle assist because it seems like the worst times this happens are about an hour after my cycle assist dose. Could milk thistle do this? i haven't gained any weight yet obv only been 2 days so it seems like there wouldn't be alot of water retention already. But its annoying and embarrassing it sticks out alot i look pregnant and completely different, not exaggerating. This happened on dmz too but not as bad. I've been eating very clean very low sodium, low saturated fat, but it also seems like when i eat a good size meal i get real bloated also. Should i throw in stano for some hardness and water excretion? i couldn't even wear a beater at the gym today because it showed through my shirt and looked horrible. please help guys. thanks