What's up dudes...

Just ordered 2 bottles of s4 and a bottle of ostarine for a solid 8 week stack. My plan after the 8 weeks was to launch straight into a Test only cycle kickstarted with 4 weeks of Dbol.

My question is, with the limited amount of information on these compounds, i've seen bloods that showed some signs of suppression with them and some that haven't, would it be a smart move to take preventive measures even though they've been routinely classifed as "weak"?

I planned on running HCG from the start of my Test cycle to start of PCT, does anyone think I should start it 1-2 weeks earlier towards the end of my s4/ostarine stack to stave off the *possible* suppression caused by these compounds?

Also if anyone has an opinion on running aromasin along with Dbol feel free to comment on that. I've seen a lot of varying opinions on whether to start it alongside the dbol or wait until the end of week 4. I know a lot of dbol's results come through its aromatization but I also don't want to pack on 15 pounds of water during pool season.