first cycle help

  1. first cycle help

    I'm currently 5weeks in to a cycle of sustonon250 twice a week, ten e200 once a week. And deca 200 once a week for joint lubrication. Mild strength gains. I'm irritable and horny all the time I've gained 14lb, so I'm sitting at 190lbs. My diet is good lean and i eat every three hrs.Gear is from a source a friend uses and he does BB competitions. Any input is welcome.

  2. What's the issue?
    You are your own maker. Train dirty.

  3. What kind does 14lbs in 5 weeks indicate about my gear?

  4. Cycle experience?

  5. Asking for input 5 weeks in? You want to know if you think 14lbs is sufficient for what you're taking? Are you worried your gear is bunk? Sorry maybe I'm confused on what you are asking...

  6. Looks pretty solid to me. You should get used to being irritable on tren, it comes with the territory.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by okbbuilder86 View Post
    What kind does 14lbs in 5 weeks indicate about my gear?
    That it works


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