Second cycle, test prop and anavar, gtg?

  1. Second cycle, test prop and anavar, gtg?

    Ok so this is my second cycle, my first was*test*400 @ 1.5ml/wk and tbh i did not see a lot of gains due to me putting quite a bit of fat on in the first few weeks and deciding to run a timed carb diet to get rid of it :-/.

    so i have decided to run a cutting cycle with prop and var, it will look like this

    prop 1-12 @ 500mg/wk eod*
    var 1-8 @ 100mg ed
    hcg. 4-12 @ 1000iu/wk split into 2 shots
    arimidex 1-12 .5eod (will adjust if necessary)
    clen*tapered up to around 160mcg 2 days on 2 days off.

    couple of questions, firstly running*clen*2 days on 2 days off, is it safe to run this throughout the full 12 weeks?

    would you guys recommend t3 alongside the*clen? if so how frequently?

    my goals are to loose some bf and make some lean gains.

    my stats are age 26, 6' tall, 16% ish bf, 16st 10lbs, been lifting for a good few years now.

    my*PCT*will be rohm*PCT*caps.

    any advice much appreciated

  2. my diet is very clean, a tipical day for me is

    breakfast - protein pancakes (2 wbole eggs, 3 whites, i scoop whey, 2 scoops instant oats) with a drizzle of honey.

    mid morning protein shake (with vit c, glutamine and bcaa)

    lunch - wholegrain pasta witl 1 1/2 tins of tuna, 1/2 tin of tomatoes and 1/2 tin sweetcorn

    mid afternoon protein shake (with vit c, glutamine and bcaa)

    tea - lentels with extra lean mince

    i will snack on almonds and hazelnuts, also 1 or 2 pieces of fruit.

    Training days i will have an apple and a whey shake with creatine pre workout and a whey and dextrose shake post workout.

    Right before bed i will have a calcium caseinate shake.

    i will also take omega 3, alpha men multivitamins, acai with green tea extract and glucosamine.

  3. Testosterone Enanthate is a lot easier. Sticking yourself all the time is a huge downfall, leaving you with a million dirty needles to throw out, blood and more chances of hitting a vein. And as for the cycle If you wanna go with low dose 200 w/k prop, use winny to cut along with it.

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