Ostarine-4 month recomp or a slow cut?

  1. Ostarine-4 month recomp or a slow cut?


    It's almost Spring Break, and I am looking to get ripped and cut or recomp until the end of May. In the past, I have tried to do things way too fast and have relied on drugs more than my diet. I have not kept many of my gains from my past cycles as a result of having a bad attitude and trying to let the gear do all of the work. I have ended this mentality, as this has gotten me in trouble in other areas of my life by making poor decisions as a result of my all or nothing thinking. I want to start doing things slowly and carefully.

    Cycle Plan:

    I have enough ostarine for a 12 week run at 20 mg/day, and I could go even longer. I might also add S4 depending on my financial situation.


    My 35P/40C/25F diet has worked very well for me while maintaining at approximately 3,000 calories. I would like to run this diet on cycle.
    I will also be doing intermittent fasting, as this is just my personal preference.


    5'8, 175 lbs, 14% bodyfat. Coming back from a break from training as a result personal issues and an injury.


    I want to start the Ostarine on February 1st. I would like to take things very slowly, and cut or recomp until the end of May. My goal is to get down to 8-10% bodyfat. I have a few options:

    1) Cut at 500 calories a day, which I don't really want to do, as I have a 18 week time frame to achieve my goal.
    2) Cut at 250 calories a day. This seems kind of pointless
    3) Recomp, which seems like the best option for me because of the 18 week time frame. I don't know what my calorie intake and expectations should be.

    Can someone please give me some input and advice?

  2. I also train 4 days a week (Chest) (Back) (Shoulders) (Legs) with arms during chest or shoulders.
    I was thinking 300 above maintenance on workout days with a 600 deficit on off days for recomp

  3. "2) Cut at 250 calories a day. This seems kind of pointless"

    Why would this be pointless? If you are talking about doing 300 over maintenance on workout days (4) and 600 deficit on non-workout days (3) this equates to a 600 calorie deficit over the week, which is less than a 100 calorie deficit each day.

    I ran Ostarine at 17.5mg for 6 weeks on a 250 cal/day deficit and gained 1.5lbs but lost 1% BF and 1/2" off my waist. If you have 18 weeks there's no reason you can't reach your goals using this protocol. It's really up to you though but I would rather cut calories by a small amount each day rather than having a 900 calorie difference between workout/rest days.

    One thing you should take into account is that Ostarine is suppressive. If you are going to run it for 12 weeks then there will definitely be some suppression so you may want to look into a test booster/AI to counter this. The majority of the Osta bloodwork shows quite a big increase in estrogen so this is likely to be the main culprit of the suppression.

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