To get to the point here I'm deciding between a new supplement by Chem-Tek-Labs, Tren-A-Drol ( 10 mgs of 7 Alpha (TREN) + 25mgs of Halodrol and finding a PCT to go with it OR the popular Finaflex 1-ANDRO + PCT Revolution Black (comes together for a little money saver). I honestly want to try out the Tren-A-Drol but I'd like some help. I have an extensive lifting routine with and will cycle in HIIT cardio sometimes with a very clean diet. I currently take whey, BCAA's, L-Glutamine, Fish Oil, and creatine for supplementation. Please any advice or suggestions is good.

  2. 5'10 @ 168. either youre pretty cut or youre fukin tiny. which one is it?

    and how many cycles have you ran? how long have you bee lifting? your choices are between a solo beginner compound, and a decently advanced stacker cycle. theyre on different ends of the spectrum

  3. strong first post. age?
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  4. @onionknight im really not here for the BS i just want some advice on one of the two supps. Im under 8% BF actually 7.4 last time i checked so id say im more cut than skinny bro, regardless you seem to know what you're talking about and have more knowledge than me when it comes to PH. This would be my first cycle I have been lifting for a couple years but wasnt serious and got into a bad lifestyle with drugs. Cleaned up and was more serious with lifting for a year now and really starting learning the science behind it back in August, since August is when I manipulated diet and lifting to see serious changes. As for age Im 20. Thanks for the help

  5. youre too young as far as im concerned.
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  6. I figured that'd be the answer, even one 4-6 week cycle?

  7. yes, trust me when i say you dont need ph's right now
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  8. yea 20 is pretty young to be playing with hormonal toys. i was mid 22 before first time and even thats a little low (23 on feb 4). but ive also been lifting over 4 years. believe me when i say this, youll be better off doing stronglifts 5x5. if youre squatting 250-300 for reps, then look into madcows 5x5, its more advanced on weekly progression rather than daily. at 6 months in, a real routine with linear progression will make you stronger than any oral cycle

    with that said, im sure you arnt done hunting for suggestions. so im gonna leave you with this. do not do the trenadrol. youre too young for a stacker end period. the risk of shutdown isnt even close to worth it at your age. especially since youre already cut. dont be afraid to hold onto e bottle for years though, this stuff really doesnt expire for a very long time given theyre sealed, dry, and away from light. just save it for later

  9. im gonna take your advice then, no PH for me. I think the problem for me was I wasnt pushing myself with heavy lifts until recently and now that i see a drastic change and my numbers going up I wanted to push for more and take it to the extreme. This creatine i just started a couple weeks ago is also making a difference but I just have to be more patient. Thanks for the advice tho because I probably would've ****ed up my hormonal levels. I will look into madcows because I want to bring up my squats big time. Im getting 220 3-5 reps with no help from a spot and 270 with assistance from a spot which I feel is very solid for my weight. I really do want to bring my DL up and Squats tho. Appreciate the advice


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