Quick gyno wuestion.

  1. Quick gyno wuestion.

    I've got 3 designer cycles under my belt; never once had any issues with gyno or tender nips. However, all those cycles were with "dry" compounds like SD.

    I've got an upcoming test cycle soon, and just want to be prepared, since this is my first time using anything that aromatizes. I will also be kicking off with Alpha 1, which is also wet.

    I'm going to be running topical formestane the entire duration of the cycle. Obviously I want to avoid gyno, but the main reason is I don't want to get too smooth.

    I'll have nolva and clomid on hand for PCT, but should I have any AI's on hand (besides the formestane) just in case?

    If so, what should I order.

    Appreciate the help guys.

  2. Grab some aromasin
    Email me for free prodigy samples
    [email protected]

  3. Possibly some adex as well grab all preventative things you can i had ran several ph's as well and gyno was never an issue but im currently moving into my 8th week of test e and i have been battling gyno for two weeks. Tis better to have and not need than to need and not have my friend

  4. Thanks guys. Gonna stock up some more.

    6 more weeks and it's time to explode.

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