cycle thoughts

  1. cycle thoughts

    Just wanted to get thoughts on a cycle. I wanna go on a cut cycle (never done one)and have super test 350 and tren a 375 x 2 of each at 10ml. My concern is the strength of both the products as I have only done 3 cycles of test c(700mg for 10 weeks). The recomended dosing is 1cc and 75mg(of tren) of both every third day. I just wanted to see if this is a good stack or should i just use the tren to cut(even though i hear its best to run test with tren). I have a clean diet(good at losing pounds used to weigh 380)I have my pct already and will run nolva while on for water weight and estrogen( will start using in week 4 of 12 week run) my stats are 25 yrs old with 5+ years lifting, 6"2 220 14% (i think). Any help and or thoughts or criticism will be welcomed thx!

  2. use adex or aromasin on cycle in stead of nolva. Tren ace should be pinned ED.

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