1. 6-Chloro?

    I was about to start my 2nd Epi cycle and I ran into a product
    called Tren Six, a combo of "tren" as Estra -4,9,11-Triene-3,17 Dione
    and this other compound which I never heard about 6-chloro-androst-4-ene-17b-ol-3-one
    apparently commonly known as "six"

    I know about tren but I don't know anything about this "six",
    on paper it appears to be pretty damn good, comparable to Anavar with
    a anabolic-androgenic ratio of 300:80, cannot convert to estrogen,
    immune to the effects of aromatase, no convertion required
    and non-methylated. I mean, wow...

    Nonetheless, I'd like to hear some real life feedback before jumping on it,
    even considered this product here is a combo and not only 6 chloro.

    I've never used tren before, actually Epistane which i love is the only ph
    i've used, so I'd also like to hear differences with tren from those who
    tried both.

    thanks boys!
    Recompadrol & AAV2 - PM me with any questions

  2. Look up hexadrone.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by iparatroop View Post
    Look up hexadrone.
    Thanks man, looks like it needs to be dosed pretty high, hence not cost effective
    I guess in this combo is just meant as a bonus to tren.
    I'll stick with Epi
    Recompadrol & AAV2 - PM me with any questions

  4. Yeah, sorry about the short reply earlier. I was in a rush. Somewhere on a write up I read, and I may be mistaken, that 200+mg would be effective because it's not methylated. That seems like a lot to me.

  5. I've been logging Hexadrone over on SL's forum. I'm at 200mg and the effects are noticeable, pumps are great, muscles feel fuller and harder, very dry, no gyno and I'm very gyno prone, arms up 1/4 inch in two weeks, and I am setting new PR's on my bicycle at every ride, by a lot. Mood is good too. Not too much strength yet but the endurance has been good, adding extra sets to every workout.

    Don't know what the dosage is on that product you mentioned but I'll probably be stacking hex with other stuff in the future since it doesn't raise my BP, basically no sides at all and i get sides from freakin DAA, Im prone to everything

    I didn't know how I would like it and I like the overall effects since it is so mild. I like it as a PWO too. Good stuff so far IMO

    Edit: oh yeah and basically no need for support supps means I can buy another bottle



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