33 years old male
weight: 172
Height: 5'6

Hey fellas,
I been off a cycle in well over a year and a half which was tren/testp/mast...

So here is my cycle that I started on Tues. I front loaded 750mgs of Test Cyp, (I know some do not not agree in front loading) then do 250-500mgs weekly 10-12 week cycle.

My supporting supps are whey isolate, jack3d micro and a supp I have not taking yet is a test booster called BEAST Super Test that has anti-estrogens factors...

I never took adex because I did not have any gyno issues; however I was thinking about getting some just in case along with nolvadex for PCT..

My question is can I take it as a kick start, during my whole cycle or wait as a PCT? It does have some of the same amino's as jack3d which is the argine and the l-citrulline.

My overall goal is to get that feel great feeling again and raise my libido. I been prescribed different benzos and now currently on valium and it has messed up my sex drive a bit.

Plus I'm going back to MMA which is another reason why I started test.

or option B...Try a natural AI like Erase PRO during my cycle...

I'm sure I will get told to do the test booster as PCT, but I was only thinking about the anti-estrogen it has..

Thoughts would be appreciated.