Trenazone / Havoc cycle your thoughts?

  1. Trenazone / Havoc cycle your thoughts?

    I am about to run my 3rd PH cycle and I was thinking of goign a little mor eintense this time around.

    First Round was FInaflex Andro - 1 with Epi - v one bottle each at around a month or so cycle...... used finaflex products for pct

    2nd round Was a bottle of tren 13 ethyl from NRG labs..... i used their products for cycle support and PCT as well

    Now I am thinking of running Trenazone with 2 bottles 60 mil total divided across 6 weeks along with a bottle of havoc.

    •Week 1-2: Pre-load Cycle Support or Life Support @ Bottle Recommended dosages.
    •Week 3-10: Cycle/Life Support | Trenazone 75-150mg daily
    •Week 11-12: Cycle/Life Support | DAA | Erase | AnaBeta | Clomid 50mg
    •Week 12-13: Cycle/Life Support | DAA | Erase | AnaBeta | Clomid 50mg
    I will definately buy the Cycle support and the SERM but I wonder.......
    This was what was recommended for use with Trenazone from another website..... I was wondering if the DAA, Erase, and Anabeta are absolutely necessary as these could throw me over budget. I am still researching everything and Have not placed any orders yet. I wanted some expert opinions so here I am =) Thanks!

  2. im curious of this too im planning to run this same cycle this monday

  3. There is also a stack on strong supplements that gives

    Trenazone Stack

    Trenazone by Antaeus Labs + Epi 2A3A by Vital Labs + ArimeStage PCT

    Massive Bulk from Trenazone

    What do people think about this stack.....would this PCT be enough? The Trenazone Bible stated that I need a Serm if I am going over the minimal listed dosage. Problem is I would not think that stacking the epi and tren would be good without the SERM or is the above listed product considered to be strong as a SERM.... i am assuming it is not.

    here is what the Trenazone bible says....Over The Counter: An OTC (Over The Counter) post cycle therapy regiment is simply that, a PCT that consists with strictly over the counter products that can be bought at major supplement outlets such as, or stores such as Vitaminshoppe and ***. Since Trenazone is a relatively mild if used alone, an over the counter PCT is acceptable for dosages of 75mg/day or less. Users utilizing a dosage of 75+mg or stacking with other anabolics should consider going with a SERM. In general if you have access to a SERM such as Nolvadex/Clomid/Toremifine, regardless of the dosage, it will be the most effective PCT tool. Compounds to utilize during an Over The Counter PCT are as follows:

  4. Trenazone / Mechabol ?

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