Just need help

  1. Just need help

    I'm on a 12 week cycle of test-E, EQ and Winnie. I'm 27 198lbs 17.29 body fat. I don't eat the best but I do maintain 3800-4000 cal a day. I want to gain size but also see the muscle. Any advise on what exercise would help with size, strength and a little "show"

  2. How long have you been lifting? What kinda workout schedule are you using right now? You will need to be a little more specific because there are tons and tons of options, but in general, it sounds like you might wanna base your routine around compound (multi-joint) exercises such as Squats, Deadlifts, Bench, Pullups, etc. to start with and go from there...I like focusing on the big compound lifts because of the great metabolic response they initiate.

    Also - dont know if you have access to a pool - but I would recommend swimming as cardio over running. Its a great full body workout...and its not running. haha

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    Are you training for an endurance event or for physique purposes [rhetorical]?

    Sprinting will do a number of things for you, besides improving cardiovascular conditioning burning a few extra calories.
    1. Will increase anaerobic enzymes. Hence, you'll be better able to utilize CHO for high intensity work.
    2. Increase glycogen synthase activity and density. Hence, more of the CHO you consume will be stored as glycogen.
    3. Increase beta-oxidation enzymes. Hence, you will be more efficient at using fat for fuel.
    4. Train the type II fibers of the lower body, as well as place more stress upon the global core (abs, obliques, etc.).

    1-3 will improve nutrient partitioning. In other words, more of what you eat will go towards muscle vs. fat. All this from 2-3 sessions of 6-10 sprints per session.

    Why sprints are good while bulking or cutting and should be included in any program.

  4. still wrong place dude...the TRAINING FORUM!! not anabolics...not gen chat.....TRAINING!!! and you already know my answer i told you earlier
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