Prohormone cycle when joing the fire department help

  1. Prohormone cycle when joing the fire department help

    Im waiting to start a cycle but im joing the fire department and will be going in for a physical and drug test in the next 2 months they test your blood and urin and idk what else they check your blood for. if i am on a cycle or just finishing one will the blood results come up bad when they test it and does anybody know if they check for steroids when they drug test?

  2. My guess is they are testing for recreational drugs. But don't risk it even with anabolics should they test that realm too.

  3. Yea idk i heard from lot of people that tey only test for narcotics because of the price of steroid testing and they could use people who are on it but im more worried about the rest of the blood test idk what they test for and i heard pro hormones your blood test will come back bad

  4. i wouldnt risk it. im sure their tests vary from county to county, probly on the chiefs decision. and let be honest now, being on steroids while in the fire department would look bad to the public because of the taboo on steroids. i agree it would do nothing but improve your job performance, but fire departments get all their money from the public
  5. Prohormone cycle when joing the fire department help

    I believe there is a pro that is also a EMT. Can't remember who I'd have to look. log below



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