SD - Losing Weight :(

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  1. Either very constipated or fat

  2. I think I lost interest when it wasn't cancer.

  3. SD - Losing Weight :(

    We all got played by this. Granted its what I thought awhile ago log below

  4. Quote Originally Posted by xigotmailx View Post

    I'm just saying what the scales are showing. Technically though I started at 178, got to 186, dropped the 14 pounds over a weekends time, and now up to 188. Always weighed at the same time, same clothes. Your guys' guesses are as good as mine and the docs. No idea why/how this weight fluctuation occurred.
    Most I've ever fluctuated in weight On is 6-7lbs

  5. A good carb up will put 15lbs on you and then you can lose that in a few days. Rather common actually amongst the carb cycling community
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