Are there any once a day prohormones?

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  2. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    nice thread here not sure how i missed this one

  3. Was a nice thread until it got hijacked by it's just a annoying andro factory advertisement.I personaly would rather deal twice a day with power lab nutrition buy double for what you get with andro factory and have a much better cycle. Just saying the reps are now sounding desperate and cheesy. Hard to have credibility pan handling so many threads.

  4. Not to talk trash, but I haven't noticed any other company with reps that press so hard.

  5. Probably 1 person with 5 accounts lol don't get me wrong input is good it was a good thread nice to hear options but we heard it the first 14 times

  6. Bump lol

  7. thanks for the feedback here noted

  8. Back to the once a day technology questions.

    We have made a few changes to our once- a-day technology with the intent to extend the daily disbursement and the bio availability.

    We have enabled the help of high quality, industry respected formulators from our new manufacturing facilities; with their knowledge and experience we have again improved the delivery of our products.

    I will post a more detailed blog in the following weeks
  9. CP+R technology packed into one tiny little Liquid Cap

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    Check it out!!! All that CP+R technology packed into one tiny little Liquid Cap! Sweet.


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