PPlex bridge to PP 1-T

  1. PPlex bridge to PP 1-T

    Just looking to use a tube of PP's 1-T topical and thought about a bridge with PPlex. Thought being to start with a harsher, "wetter", quicker to kick in compound then move to a less harsh, dryer compound that takes roughly 3 weeks to kick in.

    Something like:
    Week1- Pplex 10mg
    week2 - pplex 20 mg/1-T 4 pumps
    week3- pplex 30 mg/1-T 4 pumps
    week 4 - 1-T 4 pumps
    week 5 1-T 4 pumps

    PCT Nolva- 20/20/10/10 (5th 10 if needed but don't really see me needing it)

    I have plenty of other stuff so any suggestions on another compound with the 1-T or a different arrangement of the above bridge is greatly appreciated. I just want to use up the 1-T.

  2. Revamped this, hoping for some thoughts...mainly on whether or not u guys think PP's 1-T is strong enough to keep me from crashing off the pplex.

    Wk-1: pplex 20mg
    Wk-2: pplex 20mg
    Wk-3: pplex 20mg/4 pumps 1-t
    Wk-4: pplex 20mg/4 pumps 1-t
    Wk-5: 4 pumps 1-t
    Wk-6: 4 pumps 1-t

    PCT-Nolva 20/20/10/10/(10)

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