Strenght loss when comming off of Dbol during cycle??

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  1. Strenght loss when comming off of Dbol during cycle??

    I am running a 12 week cycle of:
    Week 1-4 Dbol at 30mg/day
    Week 1-12 Test E 500mg/week

    Now I have been off of Dbol for almost 2 weeks now (almost through week 6 of the cycle) and I have noticed my strength going down and my muscle soreness increasing?? Is this normal....I am not losing any weight at all and dont look like I am getting smaller. I noticed a lack of energy in the gym too. I think the test dosage is not high enough or fake/underdosed?? Any suggestions?? This is my first cycle.

  2. what's the brand of test ... a loss of strength isn't uncommon when ending dbol but you should be shedding a bit of water as well

    the dose of test should be fine, unless it is indeed junk or severely underdosed

  3. The brand is from an underground lab called Morning Star Labs. It just seems odd since everyone I talk to says at about week 6 when the test kicks in you really go up in strength and size

  4. calories and diet?

    Not uncommon at all, as glenihan said, to lose strength after dbol. Just make sure your diet is sound, Any major weight increase?

  5. This is basically a slightly dirty bulk..... I eat 6 times a day...Calories are right around 3500-4000 a day. I was originally 195 when I started the cycle and I am right around 221lbs. I just dont see any results from the test e however, which has me concerned....

  6. How many protein grams? Or better yet, what's your diet split look like...40/40/20? You may need to up your cals a bit, or tweak your diet a tad. Weight increase seems to be good though.

  7. I had a friend run some of morning start labs test prop and test enan and he got really good gains from it, I think they are a reputable brand. Are you overtrained and how high is your voume/intensity? I actually started losing strength during my 1test cyp and 4ad cyp cycle, took a week off lifting completely and came back way stronger than I ever have been before that.

  8. Grams of protein are around ~430. Dunno if I am overtrained or not.....I do a 5 day split hitting every bodypart once a week. I usually dont stay in the gym longer than 1 hour.

  9. the lack of energy in the gym and loss of strength are good indications of overtrainning. i would suggest taking a break from lifting.

  10. whats your volume per day - how many sets per BP? any high stress lately?

  11. try taking a week off ... it tends to work wonders .. i try to take a week off every 6-8 weeks, if i go any longer my workout suffer, i stop gaining, and i'm usually fatigued all day long

    besides, remember that you grow out of the gym, not in it

  12. I think you may be right about the over training....I am gonna finish this week up and next week I am gonna cut my workout to 3 days for that week with reduced volume and see how I feel afterwards. Probably gonna try:

    Monday: Chest/Tri's-- Inclined Barbell Bench 3 work sets 4-6reps / Skull Cruchers 3 work sets 4-6reps
    Tuesday: off
    Wednesday: Back/Bi's-- Lat Pulldowns 2 work sets 4-6reps and Hypers 2 work sets 4-6reps / Barbell Curls 3 work sets 4-6reps
    Thursday: off
    Friday: Shoulders/Legs-- Military Press 2 work sets 4-6 reps / Squats 3 sets 4-6 reps and 45 degree calf raises 3 sets 4-6 reps.

    That is about half the volume/excerses I do now.

  13. Who says he has to be overtrained to not be getting results from 500mg/week of test. For some people, test just isn't the huge mass builder as it is for others. I'm one of them, i've grown much off less than a gram a week of test e. Some people just don't respond very well to test, and he might be one of them.

  14. if he's gained 26lbs in about 6 weeks on his routine while on this cycle, i highly doubt that's he overtrained. If he truly gained that much, then he must have been doing something right.

  15. Well I have gained 26lbs....not all muscle of course but I still fit in my 34in pants however the thighs have gotten a bit tighter from all the squats. I am gonna reduce volume next week and see how I feel...also gonna bump carbs up a bit to see if it helps with energy. After this cycle Ill do the normal PCT and then stay off for 2months after PCT. I am then gonna try this next:

    week 1-12 Test E 600mg/week
    week 1-12 EQ 600mg/week
    week 1-4 Dbol 55mg/day
    week 5-14 HCG 500IU/week
    week 14-17 Nolva 60mg/40mg/20mg/20mg
    I am gonna try to cut some bf with this one and posibly gain some lbm. Any suggestions on dosage, cycle length. etc considering the results/problems from this cycle? Would it be better to substitue oral winny in the cycle for dbol? This will be my second cycle.

  16. extend the test one week so they test and EQ clear at the same time.
    test E 1-13
    eq 1-12
    start pct 2 weeks after the last test injection. if it is going to be a cutter - can the dbol and go for the winny at the end.

  17. i agree w/ goldylight, but maybe keep the dbol for the beginning and end it w/ some test prop. for the last 2 weeks.

  18. So I am looking for something more along these lines then:

    week 1-13 Test E 600mg/week
    week 1-12 EQ 600mg/week
    week 10-13 Winny 55mg/day oral
    week 5-14 HCG 500IU/week
    week 15-18 Nolva 60mg/40mg/20mg/20mg

    How are the dosages on the test, eq, winny...too high/low for second cycle??

  19. continue the winny for the 2 weeks btw the time you stop injects and start pct. you could drop the EQ to 400 if you like.

  20. week 1-13 Test E 600mg/week
    week 1-12 EQ 400mg/week
    week 10-15 Winny 55mg/day oral
    week 5-14 HCG 500IU/week
    week 15-18 Nolva 60mg/40mg/20mg/20mg

    6 weeks of Winny at that safe? What is the typical dosage for oral Winny?

  21. 50mg is standard.

  22. So you've gained 26lbs and the test is not working? LOL These two AAS have been working together to put the weight on. It wasn't just Dbol.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by jminis
    So you've gained 26lbs and the test is not working? LOL These two AAS have been working together to put the weight on. It wasn't just Dbol.
    My thoughts exactly. 26lbs is definitely nothing to scoff at!!! That cycle has been working damn fine IMO if you've gained like that and still fit into the 34" pants.

  24. oh yea..I knew something was working.....hehehe..I was just getting concerned that I have been feeling sore and have had little energy in the gym. What do you guys think of the next cycle run???

  25. ouch 6 weeks of winny ... my joints would literally be squeaking from how dry they'd be


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