Epistane Bulk Cycle - My 6 Week Log

  1. Epistane Bulk Cycle - My 6 Week Log

    6 Week Epistane Bulk Up Log


    Weight: 97kg
    Height: 183cm
    BF: 19%
    Age: 24
    Main lifts (5RM):
    180kg Dead-lift, 120kg Bench, 150kg Squat


    Weeks 1-6: 40mg Epistane (Dosed all at once in the morning)
    Weeks 7-10: Torem 80mg, 60mg, 40mg
    Weeks 8-12: Test Booster Mix based on HcGenerate: (Bulgarian Tribulus, Testofen, Fadogia, LJ100, ZMA)


    ~3500kcal a day, 50:30:20 macro break down. May up to 4000kcal if needed.


    High EPA/DHE Fish Oil: 10g
    Glucosamine: 2g
    Cissus: 1.6g
    DHEA: 50mg
    Liver Juice
    Cycle Assist (Had some left over)

    Ancillaries on hand

    Finesterine/Minoxidil/Ketoconazole (Yes, I am very prone to MPB)

    Also running

    MOD GRF (1-29)/GHRP 6: 200-300mcg each ED (4 months and counting, with a week’s break each month)


    Put on lean mass, focusing on weaker and less developed body-parts Don't care about putting on some BF, I am planning on cutting in a couple of months once my hormones have stabilised.


    Day 1-3: Gradually start to get the feeling of ‘being on’. Ever so slight but noticeable nonetheless. Dead-lift bench, and squat 5x5 day felt more productive.

    Day 4: Chest and Triceps. I noticed a slight increase in strength at the gym, hitting more reps than normal. I didn’t increase the weight past my current but definitely ‘felt’ stronger. Also had more drive to really push myself to the limit. Noticing an increase in wellbeing. Generally looking more vascular, especially after workouts or high carb meals. Added in 50mg DHEA ED to combat lethargy.

    Days 5-7: Shoulders on one of these days. Big pumps and feeling strong! Gyno seems to be reduced.

    Day 8 (Starting full day to day log now): Back and Biceps. Big increase in strength as well as endurance. Barbell rows showed biggest improvement. From 10x80kg to 8x90kg with ease. Before starting this cycle I struggled to do 5x90kg. Massive back pumps after deadlifts. Had to lie down when I got home. Was eased a bit with hyperextensions but they just kept coming back! Ordered some Taurine straight away (don’t know why I didn’t prepare for this . Noticed my vascularity has increased even more, arms looking noticeably more defined. Loving this chemical! Added Proviron 25mg/day due to low libido.

    Day 9: Day Off. Appetite is insane, to the point that it detracts me from my studies. Even had some cravings for sweet foods (very unlike me), however I quickly deterred this with a satisfying Vitargo shake. Noticed little stretch marks forming on my rear delts… First time I’ve had new stretch marks in a long time J. Gyno has improved dramatically. I have previously ran letro at 2.5mg for 30 days, tapering down to just 0.25 to prevent any rebound. I have done this twice with very little success so to see such a quick reduction (and dramatic) is outstanding.

    Day 10: Another day off. Mood is great with the addition of Proviron now at 50mg/day.

    Tomorrow is a gym day, and damn I looking forward to it! Will be the first time training legs since starting (slacking, I know!).

  2. Looking good mate. I am going to start my 6 weeks cycle of 40mg e/d epistane tonight.

    Using 100mg of DHEA e/d to keep libido up.

    Keep posting and good luck.

  3. Subbed mate, on day 4 of epi at 30mg myself. You say your gynz is going away? Good stuff

    Edit ...just realised year ol thread

  4. Subbed for this. Excited to see ur results good luck man.

    Oops ditto on the year old.. how'd u results do

  5. Subbed. Just starting up a log now, can't wait to see how our results compare!

  6. there must not have been any more room in the cycle info (log) section for your epistane log huh?

    and now we have another genius posting metric system numbers.

  7. So, uh, how'd it turn out?

  8. Out of curiosity, do you have any history with epistane? If not you are in the clear. I cycled it, with a plan similar to yours, a few years back and had good results the first two times, but the third cycle didn't do much (even with higher dosing). Just a heads up that acclimating to the stuff definitely happens.


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