msten dosage- too many contradicting opinions(help)

  1. msten dosage- too many contradicting opinions(help)

    whats up everyone. in 10 days i will be starting my mass trauma(msten) cycle. Caps are at 4 mgs a piece. Ive heard so many different responses of people saying msten is so potent that it shouldn't be ran over 12 mgs and recommending a 4 week cycle of 8/8/12/12 and that anything over that would absolutely destroy my liver. others have said you have to run to at least 20 mgs. to make noticeable gains and that they have gone up to 30. I have 2 bottles 180 caps total. My original plan was to run 5 weeks at 12/16/20/20/24 but now i just have no idea. i've heard way to many contradicting opinions to really know what dosage to use. will 24 mgs severely increase liver toxicity compared to 12 mgs. Its known that most people seem to have less sides with msten than with superdrol and that's why i chose this first. I was hoping someone can enlighten this area further in clearing up a correct dosage in terms of sides/toxicity/effectiveness/cycle length/ etc.. thanks guys

    previous cycle history: hdrol 50/50/75/75/100/100- Nolva
    dimethazine(dmz-15) 30/30/30/45/45- Torem


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