First cycle with tren....real tren

  1. First cycle with tren....real tren

    I made a post about critiquing this cycle a while back, but now it's closing in and I was hoping for some last minute advice or suggestions. I am very experienced w phs and have one test prop/var cycle under my belt.

    Test prop - 125mg EOD for 12 weeks
    Tren ace - 200mg/week - weeks 1-6
    Winny - 50mg ED weeks 7-12
    Caber - .5mg EOD weeks 1-7
    Exem - 12.5mg EOD weeks 1-12

    Clomid - 100/100/50/50
    Erase pro
    Gh booster (not sure which yet)

    Many argue my tren dose low, but I am using high quality stuff and pinning daily to reduce sides. My friends who compete have been telling me it's a fine dose to get my feet wet with and I can always go up! In addition, my buddies get incredible results on what people argue as an inactive dose. I have everything on hand for gyno as well as the means to get it removed...any suggestions from the experienced users b4 I start?

  2. Thanks guys

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