A.I. for Stano?

  1. A.I. for Stano?

    I'm running Elite Stano @ 600 for the first week of my cycle, then bumping to 750 for 7 more weeks, stack with Ment @ 50mg

    I have Armidex that I'm running with the ment @ .5 EOD

    Should I run my AI with Stano only my first week? I do not have a history with gyno

  2. I was thinking .25mg EOD the first week with the solo stano. I don't want to dry out my joints though

  3. Dude, Stano and Epi had me so dry I felt like an eighty year old in the joints, and that was on 13g fish oil and a joint supp. I don't know anything about ment, but in my experience with Stano, I'd say that an AI would be the opposite of fun or beneficial for this run. Until PCT of course. :-)

    P.S. I was hard as nails on that stuff. And quite vascular. It was fun.
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  4. no worries about estrogen with stano. cant speak for the ment, but you dont need to use your AI if your just on stano.
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  5. I dosed .25mg yesterday of liquidex and my knees and elbows feel like ****.

    I heard guys were getting bitch tits with ment, but I don't know their doses.

    Will I have some signals before I get a gyno lump? I am thinking of dropping the AI unless I get symptoms(which are?)

  6. itchy, puffy, and sensitive nips are the symptoms. and idk jack about ment. but if it effects prolactin, you can get gyno from that too. and an ai wont save you there


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