Hey guys just need some advice about changing gear for a few weeks. I have just about completed week 3 of my test e cycle and I got flown out from work cause a cyclone was gonna hit and I didn't bring my gear cause I was told it was only gonna be a few days, but this cyclone is looking like its gonna be hanging around for a while. I can only get 10ml of mx197 which I have never heard of till last night. If it gonna be all good then I will only use it till I'm back at work then give the rest to a mate.

This is my first cycle I have done and just want to make sure it's not gonna do me harm and just want someones input on changing gear briefly and if they have used mx197 and what they think of it. ( I have googled it and from what I have read, it's a blend of 3 )

Cheers boys.