Came to a realization today.

  1. Came to a realization today.

    I've run numerous designer cycles, but I believe I can achieve exactly the physique I want without ever using steroids again.

    But the funny thing is, I'm planning an upcoming SD and test cycle. Not because I feel I need to be bigger, but because I simply want to experiment with it (mainly the test).

    Is that a bad reason?

  2. Doesnt make any sense at all to me but to each their own

  3. Quote Originally Posted by machorox123 View Post
    Doesnt make any sense at all to me but to each their own
    I'm not saying I won't enjoy the gains, but I'm just really curious about how I'll feel and peform on test.

    So I'm taking it for reasons other than aesthetics.

  4. I don't think its a bad idea if you still conduct the cycle properly. No one said the only reason for steroid use has to be aesthetics. Granted...thats the most obvious reason...but i think wanting to find out how your performance differs while on injectible AAS is a perfectly valid reason for running a cycle.

  5. To do a cycle of test for any reason other than strength and muscle gains is like taking a Percocet to see how you feel even though its meant for pain. You can't maintain that euphoric alpha feeling all year long on cycled test so why bother then?

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    Remember why you started.

  6. Some drugs I just want to try.
  7. Re: Came to a realization today.

    Quote Originally Posted by R1187 View Post
    Some drugs I just want to try.
    Ecstasy, Cocaine and Viagra cocktail??

  8. When you get that deep alpha confidence, that's a hard feeling to deny. Corny, but feeling powerful and a sense of well-being are worth something IMHO. And I've only used a few orals, bet test would be awesome.

    But like thegodfather stated, it's not a sustainable thing (like all good things in life) so understand that even if you love it, you're just going to miss it when you go off and become Clark Kent again for a while. Just because a person tries cocaine & likes it does not mean they should take it up routinely - which begs the question why even wet your tongue?


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