Current PH Market your choice?

  1. Current PH Market your choice?

    I am currently 32 years old and have taken a few PH cycles over the past 2 years and I have really enjoyed the process. I am happy to say that I have kept it slow and steady and been able to retain my muscle mass while taking the time to listen to my body and keeping my health as a top priority.

    So I want to take another PH cycle and am in the market for "the best" product currently available. I know their will be differences in opinions ..... I am just looking for some leads into what my next PH choice will be.

    Thank you for any information you are willing to share..... I just prefer to get the most out of my money, thanks so much!

  2. Need to know your goals. What do you want out of your next cycle?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by TruthWalker View Post
    Need to know your goals. What do you want out of your next cycle?
    Thanks for the reply TruthWalker, I think I would like to go for strength gains if possible, I do like having that feeling of power surging through my body. I suppose putting on some strenght and mass and I can always trim the fat later. So i guess the answer you would be looking for would be size and strength?

  4. As soon as you said strength, I immediately thought of Trenavar. It is a prohormone that actually converts to the steroid trenbolone in the body. I am using it right now in a stack with superdrol and stano, and I am pretty sure this will be the most successful cycle I've ever ran. My strength is through the roof and I am only on day 18. Granted I am sure that the superdrol is contributing to that a lot, but trenavar is absolutely amazing for both size and strength, and the best part is trenbolone actually helps accelerate fat loss.

    It would be good in either a stack with something like superdrol if you can get it, or ultra-drol or alpha 1, but I think you would probably be very pleased with a solo run too. I am having great results at a dose of 90mg per day; others have gone much higher although that can get really expensive. I would suggest running stano along with it to promote vascularity, hardness, and keep the libido up...but then again, I think I would recommend that for any cycle

  5. I am looking online for Trenavar and not sure what product i am looking for exactly. I do not see anything coming up that is specifically named Trenavar. I saw something called Trenstane from Iron Labs..... I get rather confused with the mass quantity of products on the market.... it seems every time I do a search I find 10 new products....not sure if this is against forum rules or not ..... but can you possibly send me links to the products you recommend so I can look at them?

  6. sending pm


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