First cutting cycle need help

  1. First cutting cycle need help

    Hey my stats are age 23 5'8 175lbs with bodyfat 12-13%. This will be my third cycle. 1st cycle: test e and dbol 2nd cycle: sustanon and dbol

    I'm planning this cycle for mid February so I have time to slim down to 10% bodyfat. My goal is to gain 5-10 pounds of lean muscle and drop a few %bf.

    Here are my cycle ideas #1
    Week 1-10 test prop 150 eod
    Week 2-10 mast prop 150eod
    Week 5-10 winstrol 75 ed
    Week 1-10 aromasin 12.5 eod

    #2 Week
    1-10 test prop 150 eod
    Week 3-10 tren A 75-100 eod
    Week 5-10 winstrol 75 eod
    Week 1-10 arimidex .25 e3d
    Week3-10 caber ???

    Any help would be great. And if there's a better cycle I'd love to know. Thanks!!


  2. What exactly is your question man? The food that goes In you mouth is going to determine what Kind of cycle your on. Not the steroids. Cutting/bulking is diet dependent.
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  3. Yeah I know that bro, I'm already on a cutting diet right now, my cycle is more of a lean bulk I should've made that more clear. Also I'm wondering if a 8 week prop and mast prop cycle would be similar gains compare to a 8 week prop and mast E... Or longer 12 week sustanon and mast E cycle. Reason for this is I'm trying to be cost efficient and longer esters are alot cheaper n

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