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    Ive been going to the gym since last spring and have gained probably about 3-5 pounds in LBM. My body type is an ectomorph, so i dont gain much muscle very fast. All of the gains that i have made were the beginner gains that all new lifters get. I am 5'11" and 165 lbs. Alot of people know that i go to the gym, but there is a certain few people that constantly ask "do you even lift bro??" and i say yeah. This shows that i do not look big at all. I know that i shouldnt even think about taking any steroid, but i absolutely hate being this scrawny. I also understand that the best way for someone my to build muscle to just keep lifting and consume more calories that my regular daily caloric intake needs are. Lets say that im metaphorically 17. And i want to start my first cycle. I am metaphorically going to do an anavar only cycle because it will render a small amount of side effects from what ive read. if im metaphorically 17 and my test is already extremely high, will i have low test after i metaphorically get done the cycle. how could i metaphorically keep my gains.

    i probably wont do the cycle, but i just want to know the answer to this question. please be honest about it and dont give a bs answer to make me not want to do them.

  2. Metaphorically speaking focus on diet and exercise

  3. Your 17 don't touch any steroids oral injected, pro-steroids, designer steroids, or prohormones, or transdermals.

    Heres a copy and past from the last teen that was asking about prohormones.

    No one is going to believe the teen at the gym story we know you are talking about you.

    Simply put they won't help you, prohormones breakdown and compete with testosterone in your body. When your in your mid 20's and your super elevated levels of testosterone taper off to regular levels that's when prohormones actually will help you gain.

    All it is going to do to you is your body will see all the extra testosterone because the prohormone's replaced it, it will stop producing testosterone your nuts will shrink, when you stop the prohormone's, estrogen(yes boys have estrogen) will go nuts in your body because there isn't enough testosterone to compete with it, you will be bloated moody irritable emotional(think girls you know on your period that could happen to you permanently) probably start to grow female breast tissue(gyno look it up). Your nuts may or may not return to normal, got a girlfriend say goodbye to getting laid or blow jobs, single good luck releasing stress rubbing one out.

    When you get into your mid 20's you've been working out for a couple years you can lift some serious weight pretty happy with yourself but want to see your limit's, your diet's in check you have decent job to afford prohormone's and all the other things needed to go with them that would be when to give them a shot.

    Who knows by that time weight lifting might not even appeal to you, you might go to the gym stay healthy but being big and bulky isn't for you.

    Does it really sound worthwhile when you could end up a limp dick bloated emotional dude with tits who is in line for a liver replacement?

  4. Thank you. hahahahahahaha i dont feel like having limp dick and tits. ill just eat a ton and lift alot.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Philshred View Post
    Metaphorically speaking focus on diet and exercise
    Ive decided thats what im gonna do



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